Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sage XP being discontinued?

There is a recent discussion in the Fly Anglers Online website's forum discussing that as of August 1, the Sage XP are being discontinued by Sage and dealers are starting to offer discounts of 25% to 40 % !

Now I wonder about that deal I got wasn't just one of those discounts on a discontinued model. The price I paid was exactly 40% off original price after all. It makes sense; there were a lot of XP s but then again there were also a lot of Xi2s. I also have noticed that the San Francisco fly shop Leland's is selling several new XPs on e-bay. Maybe there is some fact to this rumor.

But how can there be something better to replace the XP? Maybe it's time to call the local fly shop and see what I can pay for an XP 691-4.

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texasflyfisher said...

Well, I went to my local fly shop and they confirmed that the XP is being discontinued. I went ahead and cast the Sage XP 691-4 and it was just as sweet as the bigger brother. The fly shop had not gotten the official word from Sage regarding the discounts so I put the rod on hold and am waiting for a phone call.