Sunday, July 22, 2007

Unidentified insect

In the past month I have spotted a grasshopper that I have never seen before in the parts of Texas I have lived in for the past 41 years. I've seen one of these grasshoppers three times within my half acre lot. It is black and yellow with red legs and is also very small. I don't personally know any entomologists that may be able to identify it and tell me if it is a native species or not so I am going to post a photo of it here and see if anyone knows. I'm also going to post a question about it in any forums I can find.

Update: I had two folks tell me this was a Post Oak Grasshopper based on information here. I sent an email to a Texas A&M Professor/Entomologist and he responded that it was not a Post Oak Grasshopper though he didn't know what it was. I am pleased it is not a Post Oak Grasshopper since I have a large Post Oak in my front yard that according to the information on this particular insect, could get devastated by this insect in short order.

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