Sunday, August 05, 2007

Dog duplex

I have been itching to go fishing and with no real rain in about three days, I decided to check out my favorite river, the San Gabriel, to see if it would let me fish it.

Well, the low water crossing I usually launch from is closed due to high water. The waterline is just about an inch or two below the bridge and the flow is high.

I went to the San Gabriel park in town to see what it looked like and the walking bridge was closed and had trees and debris piled up high on it. There was even something that looked like a rusted out trailer piled up on it and a car!

So, I ended up taking on one of those weekend projects my wife wanted me to do that usually is put off to go fishing. I started building the dogs a new doghouse. I picked the corner of the rear of the yard in front of the storage shed to build it on since there is a large oak tree that would give additional shade there. There is also no grass there but rock fill I placed there that was meant for the storage shed.

I didn't get to finish it but it's almost there. It has a floor, roof, and two walls along with two doors (one for each dog). I need to put the back wall in and a little awning in the front as well as cover up the side that looks into the "attic".

I will try and finish the job during the week so that my wife can paint while I hopefully get to go fishing. We'll see...

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