Monday, September 03, 2007


When I got back from fishing the lake in the morning, my youngest daughter asked me to take her fishing. So, after lunch my son, daughter and I went to the local park pond.

We brought along my daughter's Barbie rod and some small weighted plastic minnow lures.

The water was oily, likely from runoff from rains last night. We had a few bluegills chase the minnow but it was difficult fishing. We also found a lot of large crawfish bodies along the shoreline.

There is a walk bridge that separates a channel that leads from one pond to the other and we spotted some live crawfish on the intake side. So for the next 15 minutes my kids took turns trying to entice the crawfish to attack the lure. A few times the crawfish pinched the lure but as soon as it exited the water, it would let go.

They seemed to be having fun so I let them do that and then they later played on the tire swing at the park and then we headed home since the afternoon was pretty hot and humid even with the cloudy sky overhead.

It looks like my kids invented a new fishing sport; crawfishing.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah you should take them crawfishing in a river or small stream. It's pretty fun. You can even buy traps that you fill with bait and the crayfish crawl into a trap.