Saturday, November 15, 2008

Might do some tying this weekend

I'm waiting for some of my in-laws to come in town for a family get together. One of my youngest nieces is getting baptized tomorrow. I'll be preparing some of the fish I caught at the coast for dinner tonight. So no fishing this weekend but that's OK since a cold front came through last night and it's pretty windy to be on the lake. Also, tonight we are expected to get our first real taste of winter with temperatures dropping near freezing.

So, I think I may do a little fly tying today. I was looking at a really cool carp fly called Mike's Carp Candy (I linked a photo of it from the web site to the this post) that I think I will try tying for whenever I get a chance to go after carp again. I also picked up some Gamakatsu B10S stinger fly hooks for tying some bass flies with. I haven't quite decide what sort of bass flies but will likely be some sort of top water fly.


Fat Guy Alex said...


I noticed that you have our blog listed on your blogroll and wanted to thank you for that. I have added you to ours as well.

We have recently switched our blog hosting location to

If you would like to update your blogroll.

I hope you had a great thanksgiving and I bet those fish you cooked were tasty!


texasflyfisher said...

Howdy Alex,

I'll fix it right up! I like y'all's blog. It cracks me up!


Fat Guy Alex said...

Thanks man!

Rick said...


Too cold, too windy, too much temperature change . . .


I want to go fishing! Visiting Cabela's and Bass Pro just doesn't cut it!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Rick ><>