Friday, January 02, 2009

Second casting lesson

Yesterday afternoon I took my padawan learner to a small pond to get some additional practice casting with his fly rod. This time, we tied on a leader and fly so we could also work on retrieve techniques.

Among learning how to retrieve a fly, we also worked on picking up the line from the water. We also covered the haul as we did this to increase loading the rod for a forward cast. In addition, I showed him how to use his index finger and thumb on his line hand to create a "guide" for the line to shoot through.

All in all, there was a lot of information provided and I let him soak it in and practice his casts into the water. He did quite well. The lessons will continue...


Fat Guy Alex said...

Good for you, starting the boy out right.

But be careful man, soon he will be outcasting you, and the smack-talking will never end!

texasflyfisher said...

You got that right Alex! The boy can probably come up with some funny comebacks.