Monday, March 09, 2009

I own a fleet!

OK, a fleet of plastic boats but a fleet nonetheless.

I met Roland from Lakeline Watersports at the shop this afternoon and he kindly installed the extra Scotty rod holder mount I had and also the anchor trolley system I bought from him.

The anchor trolley is something I am really glad to have purchased since it will allow me to face in the direction I want when fishing regardless of which way the water current is flowing. This was always difficult with the old setup I had since I had a pair of cleats in which my anchor line was wrapped so I was sort of limited to the position in the current.

I got home with the new kayak and showed it to the family. My wife likes the brighter yellow of my old kayak. I admit that the golden yellow sort of looks like baby poop yellow color but I still like it.

My son came over and sat in "his" kayak and one of our dogs came over to congratulate him.

I have a fishing trip to Corpus Christi late next week where it will receive a baptism in saltwater and hopefully some speckled trout slime.

I may also take it out this weekend in Lake Travis if the weather cooperates.


Fat Guy Alex said...

Looks good dude! Hey, do they make those things in "fat guy" sizes?

Ken Morrow said...

congrats. but now u need to christen them w/names. no fleet is complete without names. as for the breaking of a bottle of champagne, that game me a problem since my boat is a rigid inflatable. so i poured some beer over the bow. seemed more appropriate anyway. lol

texasflyfisher said...

Thanks y'all!

As a matter of fact, I have a few fellow kayak fisherman that are big guys (6' 2" and taller that weigh over 250) that pick big boy kayaks like the Wilderness Systems Ride which can carry a max load of around 400 pounds compared to the kayaks I have which have a max around 300 pounds. Not a speed demon or driest boat but stable.

Ken, I don't have any beer but do have a half full bottle of cheap tequila somewhere that I can sprinkle a couple of drops over the bow. The old boat will be called "The Banana" and the new one "El Dorado" which of course is Spanish for "the golden one".

Ken Morrow said...


i named my yak "the fighting forelle." forelle is german for trout, and my wife is german and in the army. and i do a lot of teaching fly tying and casting and fishing trips with wounded warriors and disabled veterans.

Rick said...


Congrats on the new kayak.

I am putting money back for a Cobra Fish/Dive Kayak. Slow, but rated for almost 600 pounds.

Since I am 6'6", and 300 pounds, thought I ought to get the right one the first time.

Have a great speck trip to CC.