Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Quick trip on Lady Bird Lake

This afternoon I continued my quest to find a spot I could fish with my son and this time drove to downtown Austin to check out Lady Bird Lake (previously known as Town Lake).

I parked near the high school and launched from the canoe launch and headed downstream to the entrance to the spring fed Barton Creek.

The water was fairly clear and flowing nicely. The day however was windy. I worked my way upstream and in one location I had a bass trail behind my fly but no bite. That was actually the only fish I was able to see. I kept moving upstream avoiding the inexperienced folks that were trying to paddle the rented canoes from the canoe/kayak rental shack upstream.

I spent some time fishing along a large drain emptying into the creek but without any luck so I started my paddle back since I wanted to get on my way long before rush hour started.

I am considered just going with my son tomorrow to a small lake near our house that I rarely ever fish called Brushy Creek Lake. That's right, it has the words creek and lake together. It is a place I once caught a 16" crappie on the fly there. However, it was heavily overfished and so I stopped going there. Like Lady Bird Lake, it is a motorboat free lake and so kayak friendly. We'll see how this trip works out.


Drok said...

I will have to take you out there sometime and show you the trick to Lady Bird/Barton Springs Bass.

texasflyfisher said...

Wow! That is nice bass Derik!

Anonymous said...

Is the Barton Creek area near the lake the best place to find fish? I have considered giving lady bird lake a try but I can't seem to find the best place.

Any hints or tips?

Plus, what flies do you use?

texasflyfisher said...

Howdy, I tend to go there mostly when the water starts getting cooler. I stick to Clouser minnows but I have used flies with zonker strips with good success.

I have also fished on both ends of the lake up near the Red Bud on the north part and seeing some beds during the spawn but wasn't so lucky. I have also fished at the southern end near Fiesta Gardens and did quite well fishing around the island out there.

Dan Westfall said...

I was the anonymous person.

Thank you for the help! Judging by your description, you mainly fish off of a kayak or boat. I may not be able to secure a boat.

Do you have any suggestions for good banks and wadable areas? I would be riding a bike to get around.

Also, I would mainly stick to these boundaries: either side of the lake in between interstate 35 and Mopac. But if there is significantly better fishing elsewhere I am willing to go further.

Lastly, when you say "when the water cools down" I assume you mean around October-ish.

texasflyfisher said...

Hi Dan,

I have mostly gone there around November and December. I am sure it gets cold in October but the latter months are a better bet.

You know, I have never bank fished with a fly rod that lake. For one, there is a lot of trees along the banks and second, those pesky joggers just may grab your fly on the backcast and test your drag! :-)

Anyways, I am sure there are spots but I have not really been there enough to tell you. However, the only spot I could think to try may be under the Mopac bridge.

As for wading, I seemed to have read somewhere that it isn't allowed on LBL and I have never seen anyone doing it.

Dan Westfall said...


Last question for now: do you recommend any fly shops (if any) around Austin within reasonable distance of downtown Austin?

Once again, thank you for all your help. I am glad to know there are fly fisherman in Texas.

texasflyfisher said...

Hi Dan,

There are only two fly shops around Austin. The first is Sportmans Finest Fly Shop http://www.sportsmansfinest.com/ which is a very nice shop and a smaller shop in Round Rock called Living Waters Fly Fishing http://livingwatersflyfishing.blogspot.com/ . Both have very knowledgeable fly fisherman and guides at them.