Monday, May 08, 2006

Bonker Zonker

Since the majority of my fishing occurs in Central Texas in freshwater lakes and rivers, my favored target is largemouth bass and so I'm always in search of that one fly that will always entice them to bite plus catch quality size bass. I think I have come close with that after having discovered the Bonker Zonker. It's simply a rabbit fur strip with some pearl cactus chenille. So far the bass seem to really like this fly. Since I prefer sub-surface flies, this seems to be a good one in that it has so much action plus it's weighted enough to sink as fast as I need to such as when fishing the lake though I can strip it quicker, like most streamers, if need be when river fishing. I'll likely take a couple of these to try in saltwater. I expect they will be liked just as much by speckled trout as by bass.

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