Thursday, May 11, 2006

Still my biggest bass

The end of this month will mark three years since I caught my largest largemouth bass to date. She weighed 8.1 pounds and was 24" long. I caught and released her at the small quarry lake I was fishing. I had caught a small male a few minutes before and it had torn up my last plastic worm (yes, I was using conventional tackle) and so I switched to a watermelon green color plastic lizard bait that I rigged Texas-rigged style. I cast it out and felt a hit and set the hook. Next thing I know, this humongous bass leaps out of the water! It did that three times with it's tail slapping the water but luckily I was able to bring her to the kayak. I was also lucky in that I had my digital scale and a disposable camera with me. So I took her measurements, took a couple of photos and let her go. I never saw her again. I've caught several four and six pound bass but nothing close or larger than that eight pounder. Hopefully, I'll get a double-digit bass one of these days.

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