Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Gator trout photo revealed!

I was finally able to get a copy of a photo taken by a friend of my cousin's with a disposable camera back from a trip in March of this year. I had gone to Corpus Christi to fish with him near Bird Island Basin on the Upper Laguna Madre.

The photo shows me holding a 28" gator speckled trout we caught. I believe it was either the first or second trout we caught that evening just after sunset. We also caught some other keeper trout up to 24" that night but that 28" one made them all look small.

It was blowing around 25 knots the whole night until around midnight when heavy fog rolled in. The trout was caught on a sail line and at first I thought we had snagged a small shark until we got a good look at her. She was huge! Her mouth was so large that my cousin was able to stick his fist up to his forearm in that huge mustard colored mouth. We didn't weight her but we estimate she weighed between 7 and 8 lbs.

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