Thursday, July 13, 2006

TCEQ San Gabriel report

I recently got a copy in the mail of the investigation report from a complaint I opened on June 12, 2006 with the Texas Commission om Environmental Quality because of the horrible smell and algae on a part of the San Gabriel river that I fished the weekend before that date.

Here is what the investigation comments said:

A complaint investigation was conducted on June 22, 2006. The complaint alleged that the San Gabriel River had excessive algae and odor below the dam at the San Gabriel Park in Georgetown. No odors or excessive algae were noted at the dam. Downstream from the dam no excessive algae or odors were noted. The City of Georgetown's San Gabriel Wastewater Treatment Plant discharges to the San Gabriel downstream of the dam and was inspected on February 23, 2006. The plant is compliant with it's permitted discharge limits and has reported no excursions since the inspection. There has been a significant rain of almost an inch since the complaint so the algae may have been washed downstream by the river flow. No violations were noted during this complaint investigation.

No Violations Associated to this Investigation
So, I gather that the rain flushed the section of the river enough to where nothing was noted. Oh well, I tried. This makes me think I shouldn't go fishing way downstream of there now. I was hoping to. *sigh*

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