Saturday, September 09, 2006


Being that my first redfish was caught on a gurgler I decide to learn how to tie my own of this versatile, effective and easy to cast fly.

I chose to use large cactus chenille instead of the hackle for the body as some folks use. I like the flash and the water repellency of the cactus chenille. Here are my first three versions using yellow closed cell foam. The yellow is fairly easy to see at a distance (plus it's what I had at hand) and I just varied the cactus chenille and thread colors. I think I may try these on some largemouth bass in the morning to see if they are light enough to cast with my 6wt. I tied them on a #2 size Tiemco 811S hook so I can use them in saltwater as well. I would like to tie some mini-gurlers on #4 or #6 hooks but I need to get some thinner foam first.

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