Sunday, September 24, 2006

SeaWorld Star

I took the family to SeaWorld San Antonio this Saturday since it was my youngest daughter's 6th birthday and that is what she wanted.

The park was relatively empty due to the season ending which was nice. Had a good time. I wish I could've packed a 4wt fly rod. The ski lake area by the Mango Joe's restraunt was crawling with huge monster sized voracious bluegills. They looked like pirahna.

Anways, I digress. We were about an hour early to the last Shamu show and the kids were goofing off in front when two park attendents came up and started talking to the wife. They asked if my youngest daughter would participate in the show! Cool! She said yes and they led us into the empty arena before the rest of the public.

Finally, it came time for her to take part and we were pretty nervous but she did really well. They gave her a necklace with a wooden carved shamu tail on it.

I don't think we could've planned a more memorable birthday for her.

Here she is with two of the trainers on the big screen

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