Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ice Storm

I've haven't been out of the house since Sunday thanks to a winter storm that has brought sleet, freezing rain, and some snow these past couple of days. Also, my work laptop I brought home with me appears to be having motherboard issues and no longer boots so I have not been able to do any work remotely.

Now, I am not saying all of that is a bad thing. I have spent time with the family and so far have tied about thirty hare's ear nymphs for brim and a half dozen damsel nymph flies for carp plus another half dozen craft fur minnow flies for bass.

I also spent some time reading a new site I came across for an Ontario guide by the name of Ian Colin James, better known as the "Carpfather". Very cool information regarding fly fishing for carp though he also fly fishes for smallmouth bass.

We spent some time outside crunching around the icy grass and watching huge snowflakes fall in the 28 degree weather. My son took his aluminum baseball bat and was breaking ice off all kinds of frozen things around the yard. He even punched through the one inch thick ice covering the dog's water dish (the dog has been inside with us all this time).

We found out that tommorrow is going to bring more of the same though maybe more snow. School is cancelled and apperently the kids are OK with this (not sure about my wife). I'll find out at 9pm tonight whether my work site will be closed again. It likely will.

Tomorrow I may work on some white bass flies to use when the weather starts warming up which in Texas means in a day or two.

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