Sunday, February 04, 2007

Fully stocked fly box

I was finally able to get some fishing in this weekend. I took along one fly box with me containing streamers, most of which I tied on the cold weekends while not fishing. The box contains some new minnow patterns I tied that I want to prove on some white bass sometime this month.

I also finally finished filling my brim/carp fly box yesterday after tying a half-dozen Skip's Dads crayfish flies which I intend mostly for carp along with some damsel nymphs. As you can see from the photo, I really like beadhead nymph flies. I find I get many more strikes from subsurface flies and the beadhead hare's ear type nymphs do catch fish.

At some point, I may want to learn how to tie stimulator dry flies with elk hair for when the fish are hitting bugs on top but it will have to be when I have more space in this box.


Phil Landry said...

Hey there-

I like your blog. I lived in Austin for three years while I went to grad school at UT from 99-01. I kayak fished many of the same waters you spend time on. I even guided on the Guadalupe to help pay some rent. How has the Perdenales been? It was always one of my favorites. Anyway- I guide in Arkansas now... if you ever want to do some kayak fishing for trout in Ark. look me up Check it out... there are a few kayak fishing video clips on there and lots of pics. I have plenty of kayaks (and a big boat) and Austin to Little Rock is a cheap flight. Maybe sometime when I have to be in Austin visiting my inlaws we could run off to the Perdenales for a half day. Sorry for rambling... keep up the good blogging.


texasflyfisher said...

Hi Phil,

Man, I like that site of yours! Looks really nice up there and the fish look outstanding!

About this time of year I try to hit the Pedernales at Reimer's Ranch on its way into Lake Travis. This being the start of the white bass spawning run but unfortunately last year's drought has left parts of the Pedernales and Lake Travis pretty high and dry so it's not likely a spot to go to this year unless we get a real Texas flood.

If you do make it down here one of these days you can drop me an email at texasflyfisher at I may show around parts of the beautiful San Gabriel river near Georgetown.