Sunday, February 04, 2007

Town Lake

The morning was beautiful and the temperatures were supposed to reach the mid 60s with mostly clear skies.

So, I headed to Town Lake with my kayak around mid-morning and put in at the drainage ditch near Austin High. Just before I got my kayak in the water I talked a bit with a kayak angler who fishes the lake almost every day since he retired. I also found a paddle on the grass and it didn't belong to the gentleman I was talking to so I left it on the bumper of my truck and am going to post a lost+found on the kayak forums.

I paddled into the mouth of Barton Creek and fished it for the first two hours and got no hits at all. I did see some fish in the clear water but it's possible that some were among the underwater grass. I paddled all the way to the back of the creek trying to get a bite. I turned around and had a beautiful swan following me, possibly hoping for a handout from me but I had none.

I finally paddled back out and around 1pm at last found a small school of bass in between the grassline and trees on shore. I found that when the minnow fly was stripped at a very fast pace they would chase it and commit to eat it. I was then able to rapidly catch around a dozen bass though they ranged from 10 to 13 inches but at least I got into some action.

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