Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Striking sunfish

Late this afternoon after work I had 45 minutes to fish the local park pond. I tied on one fly, a #14 orange stimulator, and decided it would likely be the only fly I'd get to use.

As soon as I started walking up to the water I could see lots of brim near the shore cover. I kept my distance and cast a few feet into the water and *boom* I got a hit! It seemed the sunfish were in a biting mood this afternoon and I was able to get more than a dozen fish to rise to my fly.

I also noticed that the majority of the fish, actually all but one, were green sunfish. These particular fish strike hard and have large mouths and are beautifully colored with green and turquoise and sometimes orange as well. I think they may have been spawning because some of the fish were pretty plump around the belly. All were released carefully as always.

I took some photos of several striking examples of the green sunfish along with the picture of the one darkly banded bluegill.


Robin said...

those fish are beautiful! Its funny how they are so different than the photos or art on websites. I suppose that they are like dogs in that they interbreed and we wind up with all variety of nice looking fishes.

texasflyfisher said...

Yeah. I think the one with orange is a crossbreed between a green sunfish and a redbreast which I have caught in the same pond but don't have a picture of.

Those redbreast sunfish are bright orange and yellow almost all over with bright blue/chartreuse tails. I really should take a photo of the next one I catch. I just don't think my camera could do it justice.