Monday, May 14, 2007

Yellow as the sun

Mother's Day weekend is a designated fishing-free weekend. The day after Mother's Day, however, is open season once again so this morning around 7:30am I ventured out to one of my favorite ponds to fish for about an hour before work.

The air temperature was a comfortable 62 F degrees so I started with a dry fly, a size #16 orange stimulator to be exact. That drew no strikes so I switched to a #12 black foam beetle and started getting swirls and smacks on it.

The sunfish I caught had striking golden orange/yellow to bright yellow or bright orange bellies. Some days I end up with a certain colors of fish and today was orange and yellow with a few more plain bluegill.

I did manage a couple of largemouth which I did not land but while I was playing a small 'gill a 2 pound largemouth started scaring the beejeebies out of this little 'gill as it's movement stirred an interest in a breakfast snack. I quickly pulled the little guy out before the LMB could make him breakfast.

This was my 6th consecutive outing that I have spotted a snake (harmless water snakes). It seems the snakes are out in force this year. On my last outing on the San Gabriel river I ran into four snakes on the water.

By 8:30am when I got ready to leave, the temperature was up to 72 F degrees. This afternoon's high was close to 90 F degrees. You gotta love Texas weather!

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