Sunday, February 03, 2008

Warm bed or fish at night?

I got up at 2am this morning to go fishing on nearby Lake Travis. Of particular interest for this trip was to look to see if the white bass are staging before the spawn later this month or next month.

I was in the water by 3am. The wind was blowing about 10mph from the south and so the air temperature was comfortable in the high 60s. I paddled to a boat slip that I have fished for white bass before that is in about 10 feet of water on the edge of a much deeper channel.

Unfortunately, the main lamp that lights up the water was malfunctioning and would turn on then turn off a few seconds later then after a long period of time would randomly do it again. I did fish it for a few minutes but didn't get a single bite.

I found an underwater green light near a floating houseboat. I saw one fish hanging around the lights but had trouble anchoring in 40 feet of water as that is about the length of my anchor rope and the wind would push me towards the lights.

After a while I decided the fish just weren't here in numbers yet and left the water by 4am at which time the wind settled down to about 5mph.

When I got home to get back into bed my wife asked, "Huh, you still here?".

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