Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fishing in a swimming pool

This morning I went down to Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin to look for some largemouth bass. I decided since the water would be warmest coming out of Barton Springs I paddled into Barton Creek.

First thing I noticed was that even though the water was crystal clear it was also lower than I remembered. This might be due to less water being released upstream since the drawndown of Lake Austin upstream is probably complete.

I ran into another kayak angler that indicated there were fish in the creek yet with the water clarity he was having difficulty enticing them. I paddled past him and sure enough found lots of bass. Some of them looked to be in the four pound range if not slightly larger but they seemed to not be interested in anything I threw. Actually, that isn't entirely true, I threw a Gurgler topwater fly and had one small bass try to take it but I was to quick on the hookset this time.

I stayed there for about two hours then decided to throw in the towel. So many bass but all of them were wise to me in such clear, shallow water. I also saw one huge carp and what looked like shad but they were about 10 inches long.

I hope next weekend I can fish Lake Travis at night and see if any white bass show up.

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Mark said...

I have also had a very difficult time getting the fish in barton creek to take to my flys. Seems like they're used to being targeted, or they're just very well aware of an unnatural presence, causing them not to be enticed into feeding. Your blog is cool, I enjoy it.