Saturday, March 08, 2008

At the pond with my son

Last weekend I took my son to Cabelas so he could pick out a new fishing rod/reel combo. We ended up selecting a new 6' spinning rod and reel combo made by Quantum. Today we took it out to a new pond to give it a test drive.

As is a policy of mine, when taking the kids fishing I myself don't fish so that I can devote my time to coaching them.

We picked up some small meal worms and proceeded to fish the pond. It is essentially a retention pond about a 1/4 acre in size at the entrance of a subdivision. I was told it held sizable bluegill so I thought we should take a look.

In the middle of the pond is a large fountain that I expect circulates the water to reduce algae growth. The center of the pond seems at least to be three feet deep. My son started fishing on one end where we had seen some fish as we came close to the pond. However, after about 10 minutes or so we moved on to the opposite end.

While I was checking the count of meal worms we had, my son caught the first bluegill which was fairly nice sized. We photographed and released it.

We moved around the pond and had one other bite in the hour and a half we were there. Even though the fishing was slow, we observed the shoreline of the pond had hundreds of snail shells along it as well as baby frogs jumping into the water as we walked by.

It was a good time and I was very happy taking my son out. It's spring break for his school this week so I plan to have a couple more outings. We might even try fishing for white bass in one of the rivers in which they come in about this time of the year to spawn. I'll have to check the reports though before heading out there.

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Bill said...

if it is the place I am thinking of I can't believe that is all you caught. The weather must have really screwed things up. Wait for a really warm day and that place is money.