Sunday, March 16, 2008

Windy day fishing

I had promised my son to take him back to the pond one last time before he goes back to school tomorrow. I picked up some night crawlers from Wally world and we headed to the pond for an hour as we had to be back early.

The conditions today were cloudy skies and windy. I decided to still take along my 2wt as I would try to keep the wind behind me.

The night crawlers I bought were huge and so we had to cut them up into chunks that would fit on the size 10 hook my son was using. It was a dirty job but once we did that, my son started catching fish.

We found a corner of the pond where the wind was to our back and was a bit more sheltered that I could cast well enough. It also happened to contain plenty of bluegill so we stayed in that area for the entire time.

As I was bringing in a rather large bluegill, I saw what looked like a 2lb bass cruising like a shark near the struggling bluegill. I called my son over and we saw the bass take the entire bluegill in its mouth and start heading to deeper water! My 2wt started bending deeply and then the bass released the bluegill though it kept close to it until I pulled it from the water and released it.

Even though today was a short outing, it was still a fun and memorable time with the kids.

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Bill said...

That is great! Makes me so happy to hear these good stories with the kids.