Monday, April 07, 2008

Range practice

I went to the outdoor shooting range late Sunday afternoon to get some more practice with my XD-40. I signed up for a concealed carry class that takes place two weeks from now.

Really, the only reason I am attempting to get a CC permit was that on occasion when I take fishing trips to remote and secluded locations, I can legally carry a pistol on my person for protection. I don't plan to carry one very often though.

I still need more practice. I can hit a 8" diameter target most of the time but still tend to shoot low and to the left which means I am still jerking the trigger. I bought some targets that provide very good contrast with bright colors when you score a hit in the black.

Once I hopefully get through the class and eventually get my permit, I may trade in my Springfield Armory XD-40 service pistol for a sub-compact model that will be easier to conceal and take with me.

My brother-in-law recently renewed his CCL and he tells me that the shooting part of the test is fairly easy to pass and that I shouldn't worry since he's seen me shoot. He says that most people are able to rack sufficient points at the close up distances to pass. He also adds that the initial distance is so close that you can throw the bullets at the target and still hit it. We'll see. In the meantime, I'll keep on practicing.


JDP said...

You won't have any trouble passing the test. It is easy, there were people in my class that had never shot a gun in their lives and everyone passed.


texasflyfisher said...


Thanks! I'm sure I'll do OK but it never hurts to be prepared.