Saturday, April 19, 2008

Passed my CHL test

No fishing today on such as beautiful day because I spent the entire day in a concealed carry handgun course. It was quite interesting. Most of the information came right out of the law book as well as additional information from very well known authors on the subject. Our instructor was a lady and the 14 people were all men but I'm pretty sure this lady could outshoot most of the men. She did a good job with the instruction.

I was a bit nervous about the shooting part of the exam but it went pretty well. A perfect score is 250 and I scored 243 which was about average. There were some 245 and 248 scores but no perfect scores. Everyone shot autos. One guy did have to leave in the middle of his test since he didn't bring sufficient ammo (you needed 50 rounds for the test). I, as well as the teacher and the other students, were dumbfounded. The instructions clearly say what you need to bring and this guy was renewing his license! Other than this, it was somewhat uneventful. They brought in some BBQ from a local restaurant and it was OK though I think I offended my instructor since she thought it was great.

Now I just have to go to the Texas DPS office to get my fingerprints and turn in all the paperwork, pay the application fee and then wait. I hope to get that done before the end of the month.


JDP said...

Congratulations on passing the CHL test. It took two tries on the fingerprints before I got my license. It is nice to have the option to carry when you want to.


edward said...


Congratulations on the CHL.

I'be reading your blog over the last few months and have found that we share some of the same interests.

I'm new to fly fishing/kayaking and I'd like to be able to pick up some tips & techniques from an experienced fisherman.

Let me know if I could tag along some day on one of your fishing local trips.

Is there a way that we can contact each other without posting our personal email address, info ?


texasflyfisher said...


Thanks. I always get a kick reading you blog.

Hi Edward,

Thanks. I appreciate you reading my posts and I do like go fishing with new folks. I ended up learning something as well.

If you are in Texas, and I assume around Austin if you want to fish together sometime, it may be beneficial to join the forums. This way you can private message me there plus you get to find lots of other similarly minded individuals that fish from kayaks with either conventional or fly rods.

You can then also click on the Chapters link and request to join the AKA - Austin Kayak Anglers private forum. This will allow you to see posts related to local activities.

By the way, I go by chavez (my last name), on the TKF forums. Hope to hear from you again.