Saturday, April 19, 2008

My cousin the fishing guide

I talked to my cousin that lives in Corpus Christi this evening. He recently earned his captain's license and started his own shallow water guide service called Double - G Charters & Fishing Guide Service as a full time guide.

He was telling me about his day wadefishing the shallow lakes near Shamrock Bay. He basically indicated that it was a pretty good day with a lot of trout and flounder caught. He did find a school of reds that were tailing but a group of rude or possibly novice kayak fisherman moved in front of him and scared them off.

He did end the day though with a high note as he caught and landed a very nice 27 3/4" speckled trout that weighed in at 8lbs. That is the one in the photo though you have to realize my cousin is a fairly large man so the trout is much bigger than it looks.

I have to find some time in my schedule to go out there one weekend and he indicated that there are a lot of fish to be caught. I just hope that now that he is a full time guide, it will be on a weekend he doesn't have a client to take out.

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