Sunday, April 20, 2008

I think I need to get my son a fly rod

This afternoon I took my son to the pond for an hour of fishing before dinner. I took my 4wt and he took his spinning rod and worms.

We both started catching brim soon after getting there though I caught a few more while he re-baited his hooks with worms. After a while, he asked me for a fly. At first, I told him to stick to the worms. He asked me again so I took out my fly box and let him choose a fly. He chose a white #8 Cypert's mylar minnow. I tied it on and adjusted his float a bit higher. I figured in a few minutes we would be back to the worm hook and worms.

To my surprise, a short time later he hooked a sunfish! This went on several times and some of the brim he caught were pretty good sized! I kept wondering just how he did this. It seemed that his casts were near the fountain in the center of the pond that circulates the water. Near it you get some wave action so apparently the minnow under the float would jig up and down and possibly looked like an injured or dying fish and the big brim couldn't stand it!

Well, after a while we had to leave but I am now seriously considering a fly rod for this boy. If he's willing to try a fly on a spinning rod, I might as well replace the spinning rod with a fly rod and complete the package. I may have to research some fly rods for him and possibly take a trip to Cabela's and see what fly rod combo kits they have in a 5wt.


JDP said...

I introduced my son to fly fishing when he was about 12 or 13, he took to it like a duck to water and was soon able to cast farther than his father. He demanded to know why I hadn't taught him the sport sooner.


Bill said...

Man, that sounds like a good spot ;-)

texasflyfisher said...

Yeah, one of many of your secret spots, ay Bill? ;-)

Rick said...

The olive Cypert minnow is my favorite fly in Texas, especially fishing the Llano or the Brazos between Lake Whitney in Waco. If you fish from a kayak, you need to do that trip on the Brazos. Some of the last pristine river left in Texas.

Where do you buy Cypert Minnows? I have only found them at Hill Country Outfitters in Fredericksburg.

I only have about 10 left, some white, some olive and some chartreuse. I need to restock.

I appreciate your blog.

Pastor Rick ><>

texasflyfisher said...

Howdy Pastor Rick,

If you look at my links, you will see one for Sportsman's Finest that contains a fly shop near Austin which sell the Cypert's mylar minnow.

During the start of the year they have free seminars just about every weekend and usually will have one regarding the flies to tie for the annual white bass run. One of those shown is the Cypert Minnow. I believe one year (two or three years ago) they had Charlie Cypert himself there to show how to tie his flies.

You may also consider checking out as they may have the fly tying instructions there if you like to tie your own flies.

texasflyfisher said...

Pastor Rick,

I forgot to say that if you want to buy the Cypert mylar minnow flies online, I highly recommend getting them from a master fly tier by the name of Jim Green from Tyler, Texas. He sells his on ebay. Visit his store at