Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fishing recession

Other than taking my son for an hour of fly fishing at a neighborhood pond, I haven't really done much fishing lately. My favorite river is pretty dried up. The nearby lake had its last public ramp closed today due to super low water levels. The lake is over 31 feet below the August average. Sad really. We need rain, and lots of it, badly.

I do have a week of vacation in late September and I hope to be able to go to the coast for a few days to fish for redfish and trout.

I hope my fellow fly fishers in other locations are fairing better than I. In the meantime, I'll hang in there and hope this fishing recession ends soon.


Colorado Angler said...

I feel for ya - up here in Colorado, we've had a wet spring and mild summer - a lot of the rivers were blown out well into July. Seems to be either feast or famine, with story-book years few and far between.

Hope you make it to the coast and hook some up, Bro.

Fat Guy Alex said...

That's rough. Over here in AZ its hit and miss, the mountain lakes and rivers are doing well, as well as some of the lowland waters, but a fellow I know who owns 3 private bass lakes said it has not rained at his house in 2 years, and he just pumped $600 into his ponds just to keep his fish alive.

texasflyfisher said...

Thanks y'all. While driving around this afternoon coming back from a family birthday party I saw a guy coming out of his house with a fly rod and wearing a fly fishing vest and was wondering where he was going to fish at 2pm in 101F degree weather with sunny skies. I was going to stop and ask him and the wife said "Don't! It's too hot to fish right now!". I can only hope the fall will bring some better fishing.

Rick said...


We have had more rain than ya'll have . . . if you want some info on Lake Grapevine, then let me know. Some decent shore line with grass, you can easily fly fish for bass with a streamer. If nothing else, come on up and I'll take you to Bass Pro and Cabela's.

Rick ><>
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