Monday, September 07, 2009

A little fishin' and a little rockin'

My son has been asking me all weekend to take him to the local guitar music store for their big labor day sale. He got a Gibson Epihone SG for his birthday in July and probably plays it every day. He invited a guitar player friend of his, John, from school to go with us. But before the store opened we were going to the local pond to fish.

We got to the pond around 9am and my son started off with foam spider fly. John was fishing with a small spinner lure on his baitcasting outfit. I could see some decent bass in the shallows and we saw fish jumping out of the water several times attempting to catch dragonflies. However, catching was a bit slow.

As I was reminding my son on casting the fly, I dropped the fly near a bass and as I stripped, a small bluegill hit it instead. I had not brought a large selection of flies and nothing to mimic the dragonflies so I tied on a size #6 yellow foam gurlger fly and showed my son how to strip so that it would pop and gurgle and I handed the rod over to him. While the fly lay there, I suspect a bass was eyeing it so on his first strip he got a bite and we landed it.

We could see small bass here and there but the boys were eager to head to the guitar store. I did take about 15 or 20 minutes to give John a lesson on the basics of fly casting. He was good at using the baitcaster reel and so I told him that just like he learned to use his thumb in controlling his cast, he would have to teach himself not to break the wrist when casting with fly rod and that it would take practice. Lots of practice.

The boys were done and we came back home to pick up my youngest daughter and we all headed to the guitar store. The boys really like this store because there are plenty of amplifiers and cords to plug the guitars in to play them. There is also a room for the acoustic guitars as well as a room with drum equipment. We spent more than an hour in the store then stopped by a burger joint for lunch before heading back home.

I have to rest for a bit since my oldest daughter and her boyfriend want to borrow my kayaks this afternoon to paddle around a small local lake. I also have to start getting my gear together for a trip I am taking to the coast in the middle of the week.

Have a relaxing Labor Day y'all!


Rick said...

Boyfriend??? How old are you getting amigo? Both my girls are married now. You are saving for the wedding, right??

I helped a friend open a small guitar store in Grapevine. I actually arrange the instruments in the showroom on my lunch hour, or right before I head home from the church.

If your son wants to upgrade in the future, then give me a call before you buy. I might be able to work a deal.

Need to go buy my new license. We have grass standing in water at Lake Grapevine, but with funerals, weddings and making lanyards, I haven't had time to fish in quite a while.

Rick ><>

texasflyfisher said...

The oldest daughter is 16 and her boyfriend, 15. He is as tall as I am at just a little over 6 feet though he is still growing! He is also an avid fisherman so I like him as well. :-)

Right now I am still saving for college for three kids so paying for a wedding is not in my plans for a while.

Where were you when I was looking to buy the SG in July? Just kidding. It is good to know you work in the music instrument business. I expect at some point he'll want yet another guitar. He has an old Fender of mine that he started with as well as Yamaha classical guitar that he uses at his guitar lessons.

Thanks for the website and I really hope you get a chance to wet a line soon! God bless and have a good week!