Thursday, April 26, 2007

Field trip to San Antonio

I went on a field trip today. Well, a field trip with my son's 4th grade class to San Antonio to visit the Institute of Texan Cultures (ITC) and the Alamo. I like going on field trips with my kids. It was also a very pretty Spring day for a trip.

The ITC is a small but fascinating place to learn about all the cultures that had a hand in shaping Texas. Besides the Spanish, there were French, German, Polish, Czech colonies and eventually Swiss, Japanese, Chinese, Lebanese, Scottish, and other immigrants from the world that made Texas their home. Lots of fascinating facts about contributions by each of these immigrants can be found at the ITC. Neat place.

We had lunch nearby under the 750 foot Tower of the Americas and I took this photo of it between some oaks up into the clear blue sky. We didn't go up into it though as going to the IMAX theater to watch a 45 minute movie about the battle of the Alamo was our next destination.

The IMAX theater is located in the Rivercenter Mall along the San Antonio river and within walking distance of the Alamo. The movie was fine and reminded us of the sacrifice by brave men that set in motion the eventual independence of Texas from Mexico.

After the movie we walked over to the Alamo for a one hour visit before getting back on the charter buses for the return trip home. Although the Alamo and surrounding buildings are small, it was interesting to visit it and also to be reminded that it is a shrine to the fallen heroes of the republic.

Being a native Texan (4th generation), I love this state. I love the history, the land, the people. I've visited other countries and not surprisingly, I usually introduce myself as a Texan rather than American. It was good to be reminded today of it all again. I really wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

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