Monday, April 09, 2007

An ultralight fly rod

This weekend I sold the SLT 4wt I had recently purchased. It wasn't because it wasn't a nice rod but because it simply wasn't what I had hoped or expected. It was basically very similar to my 4wt XP except much "firmer" even though it has a medium-fast action. It was gorgeous and could sling a line 70' with ease! Still, I was really looking for a short ( around 8' ) rod with a medium action to get the most out of catching small brim.

I had been reading quite a bit lately about ultralight fly rods at Bill Byrd's website. I thought skipping a couple of weights down from my 4wt would provide a visible difference so I chose to try a 2wt.

I decided to test cast a Sage TXL 2710-3 which is a 7' 10" 2wt 3-piece rod. I cast it on a fairly windy day and was surprised with its short range accuracy and casting ability for a 2wt! The rod was so light as well weighing in at only 2 1/8 ounces! It also had the "feel" I wanted in a brim rod so I decided to buy one. I ordered one with the complimentary Sage Quiet Taper II DT2F line and I bought one of those new Lamson-Waterworks Litespeed Hard Alox LS1 reels to complete the rig. Sure, a reel like this may be unnecessary for such a small rod but I'ld like to know that if I ever "accidentally" hook a bass, catfish or carp that I could take it on with a reel with a nice drag.

I'll be writing up a more detailed review after I get to fish the new rig hopefully on the weekend. The local ponds have been showing evidence of brim around nests and I've seen some really big Rio Grande Chichlid also around these nests.

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