Sunday, April 22, 2007

A morning on the San Gabriel river

This morning my wife made a delicious breakfast of breakast tacos filled with potato and egg. I'm glad I had a good breakfast since I didn't know it but it would give me the energy I'ld need to traverse the San Gabriel river.

I put-in just below the low water crossing at the end of the San Gabriel City Park in Georgetown. This is the same area I had some nasty surprises last year. This time the water was flowing quite well, probably around 100 cfs, and fairly clear. The temperature was in the low 60s so I donned my breathable waders.

It was a pretty easy float down the river thanks to the increased water and flow. Still, it was difficult finding anything but small bass, tiny brim and small carp and gar. There weren't large numbers of fish. I however caught a couple of small bass and brim just to avoid getting skunked.

I encountered lots of rapids in places that usually don't have water. I floated down about 3 miles and since the fishing wasn't as outstanding as normal I made the trek back upriver. Boy, that was work as it took me about an hour to get back to the put-in. Usually, it takes me only about 30 minutes. I think the increased flow also made it more difficult finding fish in areas where it's usually a fairly calm pool but instead is flowing fast. I'm sure the fish were right up against shore cover.

Eventually, I made it out. I think I will check the flow on my next trip out and hopefully hit it when the water is slightly warmer and the flow is below 60 or 70 cfs.

I do have to say that even though there weren't many fish caught and it was work going back up river, it was a beautiful morning and the river was beautiful. I hope the next time out, it's equally pleasing and relaxing.

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