Sunday, June 11, 2006

Adventures on the San Gabriel River

Yesterday I intended to fly fish a new section of the San Gabriel river on the north fork below the Georgetown Lake dam. I met up with my friend Andy at 7am and he had been there 30 minutes before me with no luck. We found no flow so he asked about other spots to try. I told him that the San Gabriel City Park put-in may have more of a flow and was near. So we went there.

The water seemed to be flowing so we waded. Right off, I noticed the water looked less clean than usually and there seemed to be more slime and silt on the bedrock. We caught a few bass and I caught a very nice Rio Grande Perch and we waded down to the first long pool before a small dam below a railroad bridge. On the way, I also ran across a 3ft long snapping turtle pictured here. I wouldn't want to step on one of those suckers in waist deep water!

Without kayaks the tidal pool would be kind of difficult to pass. Luckily, we saw one of the kids whose dad owns the property around there and got permission and where led over the railroad bridge and some paths to fish the other side.

The water was algae green and not like it usually looks plus there was a smell of sewage. We fished there for a while and caught several small bass and kept going past the small dam. The farther we went the worse the algae and scum got and the water smelled like a pig pen.

We spent close to 6 hours wading and while we caught fish, I was glad to go home and shower. I'm sure Andy went to sleep since he was really worn out.

This morning, I met up with another friend, Richard, at the original spot below Georgetown Lake and proceeded down the trail to a low water crossing. There was a decent pool above the crossing we tried first with no luck. The water though looked much better than where I was yesterday.

We then proceeded downstream and found a some pools with a couple of carp. Eventually, we determined that the brim wanted any fly in size #10 to #12. With a size #12 zug bug, I'ld catch one bluegill, red breast sunfish, green sunfish and rio grande perch after another on almost every cast. We probably caught at least 50 or more each. This was definitely a spot for my 4wt.

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