Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Early VT2 trial tomorrow!

I had lunch in the office then went to a nearby park that has a small lake and retention pond for a walk. The lake is where I caught my biggest bass and I've seen some big bass around 5lbs in the pond though I've only caught up to a 2lber.

The water in the main lake was algae green. Such a shame. Since the owners of the lake (a local church) started building next to it, it seems the water quality has suffered.

The pond on the other hand looked fairly clearer than usual and that let me see lots of HUGE bluegills protecting nests! I also saw some bass cruising like sharks amongst the nests.

So, I think I will stop by the pond early tomorrow morning before work to see how they attack a fly. If they take it eagerly, I will be back on Saturday morning with my kayak since with all the trees surrounding the pond, it is difficult to cast from shore to some of the choice spots plus I'll be able to approach the 'gills and bass more quietly.

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