Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I love ebay!

I sold three fly reels today on ebay that I had lying around and got around $300 for them! On the average that's pretty close to what I paid for them altogether so I'm pretty happy! I've made some great buys on ebay like my Teton Teton #5 reel with spare spool that was new for $100, the Sage VT2, my Sage SLT (had the warranty card and was like new-in-tube for less than $260), and on and on.

Now, what to do with the proceeds ? I sold my Scott SAS 8wt last year (on ebay and made a slight profit over what I paid for it) and have yet to replace it. I'm really considering a Sage XP or Xi2 this time. I've seen good buys on new or lightly used ones with warranty cards on ebay for between $350 and $450 which beats paying $630 for one. It's either that or just buying a Sage VT2 8wt but I'ld really like the premium rods and with the extra cash in hand, I don't think my wife would be to opposed me paying an extra $100 or $150 out-of-pocket for one (or maybe she would).

The 8wt would be primarily for whenever I need to cast large/heavy flies, windy conditions on the lake or when I get the chance to go after redfish at the coast. But since I don't go to the coast every month, I'm not sure if the Xi2 is the way to go though I really want that rod!

Oh well, I guess I just have to go cast each of these three side-by-side and decide and then look for a good deal on ebay. Man! I love ebay!

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