Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Czech nymph

I haven't really had a chance to fish since the San Gabriel trip so I've been tying some new creations. Since the last trip yielded lots of brim on tiny flies I started looking at creating some new ones in size #12 or #14. I found instructions in a fly tying magazine on tying czech nymphs so I did some using pearl tinsel, mono line, some scud dubbing on size #14 nymph hooks. The end product looks really convincing and is easy to tie.

I spent about 40 minutes at a local pond before work this morning trying it out and caught brim on almost every cast! First cast caught one. It was cool! I have to remember to tie more of these little critters!

1 comment:

a_hornsfan said...

Man, those are some small suckers. Stories of almost every cast make me think it might be time to get a fly rod. Bill