Thursday, March 15, 2007

After the rain

A couple of days ago we had a good amount rain in the area. Georgetown received about 3" on one day causing the creeks to swell. I expect the San Gabriel was the same and muddy. I figured the lakes would be similar. We were driving by downtown Austin yesterday and Town Lake didn't appear too bad. So, I decided to try it this morning.

The morning was calm and foggy and it felt cooler than it was thanks to the humidity in the air. I decided to take along my 4wt XP since I expected to find small bass and they would be great on the lighter rod.

The river had a little bit of floating debris and when I paddled into Barton Creek I found it really muddy. It took a while to find fish. I had to paddle all the way to the back of the creek where some large drains were dumping water from the aquifer into the creek. I would cast my chartreuse/white clouser minnow across the current and strip it across and would end up with a bass. They were a lot of fun on the light rod in the current. It was a mix of Guadalupe bass and largemouths and one bluegill. I think I probably caught a dozen or so. Most were about 12" in length.

On my way out I met up with a kayak angler I always see at the lake. He's a retired electrician that fishes the lake practically every day. He wanted a report and I told him the creek was pretty muddy. He told me that near Red Bud Isle near the dam on the north part of the lake he had spotted bedding bass.

I drove up to Red Bud and indeed found some bedding bass but after 20 minutes I couldn't get them to bite and was getting hungry so I went home.

This Saturday I may go in search of white bass on Lake Travis. I hope I find some.

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