Sunday, March 18, 2007

First White Bass of 2007

Last night I went down to Lake Travis around midnight to fish dock lights for white bass. With the recent rain the lake is up about 5 feet so the ramp was actually open at the park I went to.

I really enjoy fishing at night. There is something about paddling in the darkness that is exhilarating. You also tend to find larger fish at times feeding at night.

I paddled over to some underwater green lights I remember but there was a big boat parked right above them so I moved on. I went to another dock and tried it for 20 minutes with no luck. I paddled around a long point near deep water and found a big brightly lit boat dock for a single cigar boat. The area seemed very fishy with water from 5 to 8 feet deep and sandy bottom which white bass prefer. The water was stained. On nearly my first cast with my 5wt, something ate my chartreuse/white clouser.

From the way the fish pulled and dove, I could tell it was a white bass and a good one. After netting it, it was a hair under 16". Very nice! A few casts later I caught a smaller male then another that I lost at the boat. I missed a few other subtle strikes. Before leaving around 2am, I caught a keeper largemouth around 15" long. It was getting misty and with the steady 12mph wind it was feeling cold so I quit for the night.

I'll be sure to try this spot another night soon when hopefully the water is clearer and the temps a little warmer.

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