Monday, March 12, 2007

Carp fly

I like to tie flies that can serve double duty in freshwater and saltwater. Patterns like Clouser minnows are a perfect example. I wanted to tie a fly that I could use when going after carp, bass and redfish. I patterned the fly after the bonefish Gotcha fly with bead chain eyes on the top of the hook shank to allow the fly to ride hookpoint up.

I wanted a fly with not a lot of flash but with a color that would attract any species so I picked orange. I had some of Whitlock's blends of SLF dubbing that had some crayfish orange so I used that. I also have some of Enrico Puglisi's 3D fibers in orange. I did add a little bit of rootbear flash. Here are the ingredients. Tying one is nothing special but I think it'll be a great little pattern, particularly for carp. I may also tie another in a rust brown color for comparison.

Thread: Rust Brown Uni Thread 6/0
Body: Crawfish Orange SLF dubbing
Eyes: Medium beadchain
Tail: Rootbear Krystal Flash
Wing: Orange EP 3D Fibers
Hook: #4 Tiemco 811S

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