Saturday, March 10, 2007

Spring is almost here

The Bradford pear and cherry trees are in full bloom now. I've see dozens of deer in neighbors yards. The weather has been beautiful recently with warm temps in the high 70s to low 80s. It's almost time.

Yesterday afternoon I went down to a local park pond to see if the fish were active. They were of course. I caught probably 15 or more greenies and redbreasts on gurglers and stimulators in the hour I was there. A lot of those fish were large and fat. I also saw a couple of small bass around what looked like beds so the spawn is coming.

So, I decided to check out Lake Travis this morning for similar action. The water temp on Lake Travis is about 58 degrees. Still a bit cool for all out bass action.

The weather was great this morning. It was slightly cloudy with light winds which made for an easy paddle from Arkansas Bend park in Lago Vista.

I caught one Guadalupe bass on a gray/white clouser minnow tied with my latest, favorite synthetic material, Enrico Puglisi's EP 3D Fibers. The EP fibers look great in the water and have a subtle action along with great translucency.

I headed to the back of a cove and found a section containing some bass, likely males, preparing nests. I almost had one of them on the clouser but he spit it out before I set the hook.

While I was paddling along shore, I had a black Labrador following me. He did so for about 300 yards and even when I pulled into a pocket where I found shad, really big carp, and gasparegou though I didn't catch any because the dog jumped in the water and started swimming to my kayak. I told the dog not to try and get in my kayak and he swam around me for a bit until I paddled away.

Even though I didn't catch a lot of fish, it was a very nice morning and hopefully there will be more like it to come.

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