Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sage SLT

It's no secret I truly love Sage's premium fly rods. When you are serious about any sport such as golf, tennis, cycling, etc. you end up appreciating finely made tools. Though I own 4 XPs, I tend to think that in the larger weights they rule which is why the 6wt XP is my favorite stick.

At one time I did own a 7wt SLT and it was a beautiful rod both in looks with its tiger eye colored blank and in the silky smooth casting and feel. Still, I considered my 6wt and 8wt XPs to be better big fly and big fish rods plus having the extra umph to cast the extra 10 feet so I sold the SLT.

At one point I also owned a Sage 8' 4wt Launch. It wasn't a premium rod but it was a perfect little rod for brim on tiny waters. Accurate, smooth and light. I ended up selling the rod because I already had a 4wt XP. I occasionally regret selling it.

I had the opportunity to purchase a new 8' 4wt 4-piece SLT at a 30% discount and it wasn't a difficult decision. I will continue using the 8' 6" 4wt XP for larger water requiring longer casts or mainly for bass but the new 8' 4wt SLT will become my new brim rod. I can't wait.

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